Increase in foot traffic

within 30 Days


Bingo Live is the future of marketing for bingo halls across the United States. With its user-friendly interface and engaging features, the software is taking the bingo industry by storm. Traditional bingo halls that are not utilizing Bingo Live are missing out on a new era of marketing. The software allows bingo halls to interact with their customers daily, which is crucial for keeping your seats filled. Through Bingo Live, customers are kept up-to-date on all promotions, events and giveaways. Additionally, in as little as 30 days, Bingo Live has the potential to increase foot traffic by 20%, which translates into increased revenue of 50% within the first year. Don't miss out on the future of bingo, start utilizing Bingo Live today.


With over 20 Years of software and technical support!


Reach customers
within seconds

Create contest to
build subscribers

Pre-schedule messages
with texting calendars
Quickly build subscribers
through QR Codes
Increase foot traffic and
boost revenue


I belive this is something every Bingo Hall should have. Now that we're using the app, we've had to get more tables and chairs with more people coming in. It's just really an exciting thing!

Mandy C - COO

Some nights its 40-50% more walk in traffic because we're able to advertise on the spot, directly to the customer, and it was phenomenal.

LA Bingo Hall

Bingo Live has definitely been a game changer for us. We've noticed about a 40% growth since we started sending the text messages out.

David S - Johnston Street Bingo

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